Drainage and fire millage on the ballot in St. Bernard special election


St. Bernard Parish, La.— In addition to the 2nd Congressional District, there’s a special election on April 24th to decide a couple of issues in St. Bernard Parish.

Parish President Guy McInnis spoke with WGNO News about problems with the parish’s drainage station number 4.

According to McInnis, (The drainage rakes)” aren’t even connected. The chains as you can see is off of its tracks, and even if you could get it running, it’s frozen closed and it’s rusted.”

One millage on the ballot hopes to fund the takeover and operation of all 8 of the parish’s stations.

According to McInnis, “A millage is rolling off of the books, about 4 1/2 mils, we’re asking for 8 to reclaim if you will the drainage system here in St. Bernard Parish.”

Currently, the Southeast Levee Protection Authority East owns the pumping stations and under that arrangement, McInnis says they stations have gone into disrepair.

The millage will add an average of $30 to property taxes.

McInnis says this is about citizens protecting themselves from serious rain events, “We want to have the same responsibilities for our houses flooding, not someone in Baton Rouge.”

Also on the ballot is a millage renewal for the fire department, which has always enjoyed support parish-wide.

McInnis says the drainage millage is important to continuing the positive growth in the parish, “All of the good things that are happening right now, since Katrina is happening right now at this time. We need people to have a reason to move into St. Bernard Parish, not a reason for people to move out.”

Early voting for that special election begins on April 10th and election day is April 24th.


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