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NEW ORLEANS — “Are you vaccinated?”

That’s likely the question of the summer.

Thousands of unvaccinated people across Louisiana are debating whether or not they want to get the vaccine. Doctors say one group of people who are especially concerned, are pregnant women.

“It really hasn’t been studied in pregnant women, so that’s a concern that I think most pregnant women have,” said Dr. Rachel Reitan, OBGYN with LSU Health.

Dr. Rachel says she’s not witholding the vaccine from pregnant women, but will only administer it at a certain time in the pregnancy.

“I personally am waiting until after the first trimester to give my patients the vaccine,”

Dr. Rachel says this is because the first trimester is typically the most fragile time of a woman’s pregnancy, but she says so far, she’s seen no issues with her patients.

“Of all of our pregnant women who have gotten the vaccine and have now delivered their babies, the babies are perfectly normal, we are not seeing any bad effects from the vaccine onto the babies or the mothers,” said Dr. Rachel.

In addition, Dr. Rachel says getting the vaccine while you’re pregnant can actually protect your baby after birth.

“We know those antibodies from the vaccine cross over to the placenta, that should protect the baby you know, up to six months, because the babies get the mom’s immune system, and then with breast feeding, the antibodies should be in her breast milk,” said Dr. Rachel.

Dr. Rachel adds that it’s ultimately up to the expecting mom if they decide to get vaccinated, but she says it’s the best way to keep you and your child protected from covid-19.