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NEW ORLEANS– To dip or not to dip, that’s the question when it comes to crawfish! It even started a Twitter social media war recently.

Many say, “NO” they don’t do it, but others do like to add a little extra flavor to their crawfish!

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez found out how to make a crawfish dip!

James Karst, Director of Communications & Marketing with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana likes a little “lagniappe” on his crawfish.

“It is something that I’m relatively new to, but it is good and a good option,” he said.

James is talking about crawfish dipping sauces which can be a little controversial.

“In New Orleans people had this visceral reaction, no way, we aren’t going to dip our crawfish in anything, if it is boiled correctly, you don’t have to do it. Then I started to realize people that live in Cajun country like Houma and Thibodaux started to chime in on the debate. They said they actually do dip their crawfish in sauce, and they also dip their corn, sausage, potatoes, and saltine crackers at their boils. So I set out to share some of these recipes with people,” Karst said.

Karst said that you don’t have to dip every crawfish tail to get the full dipping experience.

“We have a diverse state, diverse culture, and diverse cuisine, so here is something you can try it if you’d like,” he said.

Here are a few recipe ideas that James compiled for your eating enjoyment from different regions around Louisiana.  He says there isn’t a certain amount of ingredients to put in, just sort of taste test it as you go… 

Houma Crawfish Dipping Sauce:  Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, A little Tony’s seasoning, splash of crab boil, Worcestershire Sauce, garlic powder.

Galliano Crawfish Dipping Sauce: Ketchup, Mayo, Worcestershire Sauce, Tony’s Seasoning, garlic powder, hot sauce, and onion powder.

Braithwaite Crawfish Dipping Sauce: Mayo, Yellow and Creole Mustard, Ketchup, Lemon Juice, and Horseradish sauce.