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NEW ORLEANS– The food you see in movies isn’t always edible.  Food stylists work hard to make sure the food looks the best and looks fresh for the cameras.  Food stylists often times must use special tricks when styling different dishes to be used in movies.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez found out when he went “Dishin’ On The Movies.”

Here are some examples of what some food stylists use in movies.  Instead of milk, they use glue to keep it from looking runny on film.   When using salads in movies, a sponge is used to create a blocking effect, so the lettuce isn’t wilted.   Also, when they use shrimp in movies, small wires are placed in the tails to keep the shrimp standing up straight.

These are just a few secrets of the trade that food stylist, Kendall Gensler gave WGNO-TV.