Dennis Haysbert visits Covenant House

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You’ve probably heard his voice or recognize him from “Major League” or “24.”  Dennis Haysbert has enjoyed a career spanning more than 30 years.

In fact some still mistake him for A United States President from his “24” sitcom character

“That’s the highest compliment I can get.  That means I immersed myself in the role and people believed it,” says Haysbert.

These days, audiences see him regularly on as the voice of the Allstate Insurance commercials.

“Instead of being in television show that has 15 million viewers, if that at week, I’m probably seen by over 250,000 or more every day,” Haysbert explains.

In his teens, he had to make a decision between sports or acting.  Haysbert turned down a couple of athletic scholarships to pursue acting.

“It was a calling.  I knew I could touch more lives as an actor than I could as a football player, basketball player, or running track or anything like that, or a doctor or lawyer or anything.  Actually I could play all those roles on television,” Haysbert says.

Thursday morning, he played another important role, using his presence to inspire troubled youth at the Covenant House.

“What an amazing place for support and the kids that come here have a great opportunity to move forward in their lives and be productive citizens,” Haysbert says.


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