d.b.a. on Frenchmen Street opening outside music venue across the street at Palace Market


NEW ORLEANS– Frenchmen Street is getting a face lift of sorts, with d.b.a. bar owner Thomas Thayer, who had to face the music during this harsh pandemic, realizing he needed to do something to revitalize his bar.

“Having an outdoor spot, I think people will dig it. I think it’ll add to the general vibe of the street,” he said.

Thayer officially opened d.b.a. at Palace Market tonight.

He decided to expand his inside bar to the outdoor space right across the street at the Palace Market on Frenchmen Street. Before the pandemic it was a popular spot for art vendors. At this time there are no plans for art vendors to return, it will be the outdoor music venue d.b.a. at Palace Market.

“We are basically using the main bar as a service bar to not only cater to this space, but service to-go drinks at the bar,” Thayer said.

The best part is this space will now become an outdoor concert venue.

“Looking for an outdoor space for people to enjoy live music, certainly we want to entice the locals back to Frenchmen Street,” he said.

Neighbors around Frenchmen Street don’t need to worry about the loud music because the music stops at 10 p.m.

The capacity right now for d.b.a. at Palace Market is 100 people which should make folks feel more at ease, especially being outside.

“Well I think it makes people more comfortable in a group setting. I know I was a little afraid to be in a group setting,” Claudia Sainsot, who’s visiting from Chicago said.

The space even has props from the TV show, “NCIS:New Orleans,” which adds to the vibe.

“Our little blue booth was a TSA booth for NCIS in an airport scene. That will be our hostess booth,” Thayer said.

Bringing music back to Frenchmen Street in a new way is how Thayer believes Frenchmen Street will once again thrive.

“It is going to be a work in progress. There have been a million challenges, but here we are,” he said.

Tickets to d.b.a. at Palace Market are $10. You are encouraged to purchase them online, but if they are not sold-out you can buy tickets at the door.

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