Dating 101 in 2021: A dating guide by Bumble


NEW ORLEANS – Bumble, the woman-first social networking and dating app released a dating guide to help daters get through the holidays.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the holidays are always filled with dating questions! Singles are likely to get never-ending questions from friends and family on how they navigate the dating pool when safety is top of mind. 

Bumble’s Dating 101 in 2021 year-end guide to dating is out now and has the information you need to help answer those questions about dating in 2020.

Some of the most interesting stats include:

  • Daters who communicate their guardrails during this time experience a 20% increase in average matches than those who don’t. And, it’s brought people closer. Nearly 85% of those who addressed COVID-19 safety and precautions say it’s helped them get to know their date better.
  • More and more, daters are keen to build a connection online before considering taking the relationship offline. This is especially true among women, where just short of a quarter of people are using audio or video features for their first dates, otherwise known as “pre-dates.” 
  • For those who are looking to take it offline, more than 85% have indicated that they are interested in meeting up but socially distanced from one another. As a result, outdoor dating is taking the cake with a neighborhood walk or park hang being just a few ways daters are keeping it safe during this time.

To see the full guide, click here.


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