Dat Champ talks football and wrestling!


NEW ORLEANS – Uland Price – also known as Dat Champ – has been a fan of the New Orleans Saints for more than 21 years. He’s religiously dressed in his wrestling costume since 2009! 

“A lot of kids look up to wrestlers so I figured ‘Let me be a wrestler since that’s what the kids know’ and it’s like being a role model to them,” Price explained. “You always have someone who can be out there to help you I can be there!”

The kids’ Price says he’s there for the most are his own.

“My daughter, it inspires her more than anything cause she’s always on the field when I’m on the field,” Price told WGNO. “My son meets the players also when I get a chance to introduce him to the players. It’s like a dream come true because not everybody can do what I do.”


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