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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Hurricane Ida’s damage to structures in New Orleans could mean you’re paying less for property taxes at the end of the year.

New Orleans Assessor Errol Williams stated, “We’ve tried to put them in groupings of minor damage, moderate damage or severe damage and if the property is destroyed, that’s another category altogether.”

Williams says that these reassessments can apply to any business or residence. You will need pictures and documents to substantiate your damage claims, but you don’t have a lot of time to get it done.

It’s a 2 week window. From the September 23rd to the 7th of October.

The onus is on the home or business owner to file their documents for reassessment. Head over to the Orleans Parish Assessor’s website to fill out online, mail in, or call the office to make the claim.

“Those people who have had damages, we this is around 119,000 that’s our target, but we don’t know how any of them actually had damage so we’re trying to get them to bring us the information,” said Williams.

Assessor Williams also said that the amount one gets or doesn’t get from insurance or FEMA has no affect the reassessment.

Williams stated, “Insurance claims or FEMA claims sometimes spin out for a year, some disputes I’ve seen as long as 2 years. The assessor’s office is not asking for that insurance information. We’re trying to make a decision based upon what we see.”

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