Disclaimer: “All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On April 1, 2023, around 7:18 AM, officers from the West Monroe Police Department responded to an apartment at WestBrook Villas in reference to a domestic disturbance. The person who contacted authorities explained that she was on the phone with the victim and could hear a disturbance in the background of the call.

Photo courtesy of Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office

When officers arrived at the apartment, contact was made with 25-year-old Will Gray at the front door. According to authorities, Gray tried to tell officers that the victim is his girlfriend of three years and they were just in a verbal argument.

Gray waited at the bottom of the staircase while authorities spoke with the victim. The victim advised officers that on March 31, 2023, around 10:45 PM, she was walking with Gray back to her apartment after visiting Monroe. During this walk, Gray allegedly had a black handgun in his possession.

The victim stated that Gray told her “I’ll knock your a** off and mine.” The victim explained that Gray refrained from pulling out the handgun outside because there were other people nearby.

The victim said that after they entered her apartment Gray proceeded to go through her phone and discovered messages from another man that made him upset. The victim said Gray confiscated her phone.

According to the victim, Gray allegedly pulled out the black handgun and pointed it at her. The victim explained that while Gray was racking the slide he said “I’m going to blow your s*** off and my s*** off.”

Since Gray had the victim’s phone she was unable to contact 911. Along with keeping the victim’s phone, Gray did not allow her to leave the couch to use the bathroom or do anything.

Gray demanded that the victim stay in the same spot and do nothing. When officers knocked on the door, the victim said that Gray had ran to hide his handgun in a laundry basket before answering the door.

Officers were able to locate the gun using the details provided by the victim. The gun was discovered to be a stolen item from Ouachita Parish.

Gray is currently on probation in connection to a home invasion. Gray was placed in handcuffs for his warrant with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Gray was advised of his Miranda rights in which he stated he understood. Gray denied allegations of pointing the gun at the victim and claimed the victim’s statement was not true. Gray also denied being the owner of the handgun.

The suspect was transported to the Ouachita Correctional Center for booking for the following charges:

  • Possession of Firearm or Carrying Concealed Weapon by a Person Convicted of Certain Felonies
  • Illegal Possession of Stolen Firearms
  • Interfering with Emergency Communications
  • False Imprisonment; Offender Armed with Dangerous Weapon
  • Domestic abuse aggravated assault

Gray’s current bond is set at $55,000.