WEST CARROLL PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — According to authorities, on April, 30, 2023, a red Chevy Corvette was seen driving at a high-speed west of Oak Grove, La.

According to authorities, a deputy of the West Carroll Parish Sheriff’s Office attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver of the Corvette accelerated, and a pursuit ensued. The deputy lost sight of the vehicle after turning South on Highway 585 in Goodwill. The driver could not be identified.

Shortly after the chase, Police Chief of the Epps Department made contact with deputies and advised that the Corvette was located at a residence on Highway 134.

According to authorities, the vehicle was reported stolen from a car dealership in Texas on April 24, 2023. According to Texas Law Enforcement, 13 vehicles have been stolen from dealerships in the recent weeks, around the Dallas area. The Corvette was towed by a local towing service and will be processed for evidence. This will be the first of the 13 stolen vehicles, that will be processed for evidence.

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