Vigil honors Portia Pollock’s life


NEW ORLEANS — Tributes are continuing for Portia Pollock, the woman who was stabbed to death last week during a carjacking.

Several dozen people gathered at her home on North Dorgenois to celebrate the woman who brought so much love and life to everything she did.

With each beat of the drum, a reminder of Pollock’s love of playing in Congo Square and sharing her talents with the world. The music, poem and spiritual rituals during her vigil are a step towards healing.

“I can’t say it enough. The community has really risen up and wrapped its arms around me and sheltered me when I needed shelter, loved me when I needed love. People have been patient with me when all I want to do is cry out in rage. I’m very appreciative of that,” said Fatima Muse, Pollock’s goddaughter.

Muse is still processing what happened, but she is hopeful as the community calls for change.

“I feel an invigoration in the community,” Muse said. “I feel people coming together as family and community. It’s not just something I’m experiencing. The city is experiencing this.”

Much of the city is looking for accountability and answers.

The New Orleans City Council grilled a panel of criminal court judges wanting to know how Andry bonded out of jail.

Councilman Jay Banks said, “We have a quantified spike in crime and it is imperative that whatever system we have to address that works the way it is supposed to work.”

Andry was ordered to wear an ankle monitor, but it’s unclear if he ever had one.

The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office points out discrepancies in his release paperwork.

“The bail order does not contain anything about an ankle monitor and it does not let us know an ankle monitor is supposed to be used. It’s an order and signed by the judge at the bottom,” said Blake Arcuri, attorney for the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Muse said, “I was shocked and obviously very angry.”

Despite the news, Pollock’s family has faith justice will be served and Portia will always be remembered.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday.

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