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SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) — A police chase in St. Tammany Parish left one detained and a domestic dispute resolved. The culprit? An 80-pound emu on the loose!

A Facebook post from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office describes the experience one deputy had with the flightless bird.

Police say Special Operations Deputy Tony Karsolich was assigned to the case. When he arrived, he saw the bird running down the street, but an investigation revealed something more: there were two emus involved!

Mr. and Mrs. Mu belong to a man named Mr. Russell, STPSO reports.

“Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Mu had a disagreement, and Mr. Mu needed to get away for a little bit to clear his head,” police described. “Little did he know, he would end up in a foot pursuit with the po-po.”

After the chase ensued, Mr. Russell arrived and was able to shepherd the emu back home, but not before a heart-to-heart with Deputy Karsolich.

“Of course following the pursuit, Deputy Karsolich wanted to make sure Mr. Mu understood it wasn’t anything personal, and he was just doing his job.”

As for Mr. and Mrs. Mu’s relationship, police say the two birds are getting along fine now, with Mr. Mu vowing to “just try to work it out with Mrs. Mu next time.”

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