ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KTVI) — Police released a surveillance video that captured the moment someone stole a woman’s car as she pumped gas in Missouri last week.

The video, released by St. Charles County police, shows the woman at a BP gas station when a gray car drives up to the pump next to her on Thursday. A suspect then gets out of the car, gets into the woman’s vehicle, and speeds away with the gas pump nozzle still inside.

“That hose is dangerous. Flying around, it could hit anyone,” said customer Joe Hamilton.

The stolen car is a maroon four-door 2012 Infinity EX35 with Illinois registration: BL63515. Police are still searching for the suspects, who pulled into the gas station in a gray or silver Infinity G35 with no plates and a missing gap door.

“It’s frustrating when you’re just trying to pump gas and you’re taken advantage of,” said customer Kelly Farley.

Police called the car theft a “slider crime,” which happens when a suspect slides into the driver’s seat of an unlocked car and steals the vehicle. The driver is usually not paying attention or unable to lock their doors while pumping gas, putting them in a vulnerable situation.

In fall 2021, St. Louis police said, there was a significant spike in these crimes. Within five months, 11 gas stations were hit and 17 vehicles stolen.

Police hope the video will help catch the thieves before they can strike again.

“Just lock up. Take your valuables if you have to,” said customer Kevin McGraw.

Anyone with information should contact the St. Charles County Police Department at 636-949-7900 ext. 2557.