Two teenagers found dead at an abandoned home in Gentilly


NEW ORLEANS — As the rain came down Tuesday morning, New Orleans Police Department cars swarmed the 4200 block of Hamburg Street in Gentilly.

Police received a call around 7 a.m. after a car was found parked at an abandoned home. When officers arrived, they found two teens shot to death. The two boys, just 16 and 17 years old.

The murder has left residents shocked. Now, they’re asking: “How could this happen?”

“Where they (sic) parents at? Where are the parents? Parents need to be parents and not friends, and we wouldn’t have this going on,” said Brittany, who lives next to the abandoned building.

Police towed a car from the scene this morning. Now, they’re trying to determine what led to the murders.

Brittany says she’s concerned for her family’s well-being.

“My mom (sic) bedroom is right there, so if there was a shooting, and it actually happened right there… bullets fly, and they go all over. My mom could have lost her life if there actually was a shooting that took place right there.”

Brittany says this is a good neighborhood and doesn’t understand how this happened here. Now, she’s thinking twice about her safety.

“Everybody that do used (sic) to stay around here and whatnot, they always carry their guns. So, I don’t know….maybe I should get me one, or two because that’s kind of close right there,” said Brittany.

Police have not released the names of the victims, and there’s no word on a motive or a suspect.

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