TANGIPAHOA PARISH, La. (WGNO) — Following the arrest of four alleged pick-pocketers on Saturday, the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office has processed all 40 phones that were stolen.

According to Chief Jimmy Travis, of the 40 phones recovered five were either not identifiable or unrecoverable due to not having SIM cards.

Deputies have already started contacting owners in regard to recovering their phones.

Listed below are the numbers of phones that have not been claimed yet.

  • 213-XXX-0250
  • 225-XXX-0288
  • 225-XXX-3275
  • 337-XXX-9253
  • 504-XXX-3785
  • 504-XXX-9484
  • 504-XXX-4278
  • 504-XXX-9834
  • 504-XXX-5181
  • 504-XXX-9853
  • 504-XXX-5759
  • 504-XXX-0680
  • 504-XXX-8185
  • 504-XXX-0886
  • 504-XXX-8607
  • 504-XXX-1230
  • 504-XXX-8698
  • 504-XXX-1424
  • 504-XXX-8906
  • 512-XXX-8884
  • 707-XXX-2929
  • 985-XXX-1923
  • 985-XXX-3394
  • 985-XXX-3983

If you believe your phone number matches one on the list, please contact TPSO at 1-985-345-6150 to make arrangements to pick up your device.

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