MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have arrested the woman they say is responsible for a string of arsons in Southwest Memphis.

Delina Collier or “DC” was arrested Monday in the 38109 area, the Memphis Fire Department said. MFD identified Collier, 22, as a person of interest in the arsons last Wednesday.

Eight arson fires were reported 38109 zip code in Southwest Memphis in the past three months. According to the police report, all of the fires were set by the use of combustible materials.

Witnesses say Collier admitted to the arsons and said, “there were evil spirits in the houses she set on fire.”

The fires happened on these dates and at these locations:

June 25 – 1305 Longcrest
Aug. 3 – 5060 Urbana Road
Aug. 4 – Urbana at Rosecrest
Sept. 6 – 5110 Urbana Road
Sept. 6 – Urbana at Rosecrest
Sept. 15 – 5075 Bowers
Sept. 16 – 1166 Margaret
Sept. 20 – 5066 Urbana Road

Five of the fires happened on the same street, and most happened within a few days of each other. The fires have cost nearly $290,000 in damage.

Collier has been charged with eight counts of arson. Her bond was set at $5,000.