BATON ROUGE, La. (WGNO) — According to our ABC affiliate in Baton Rouge WBRZ, a suspect accused of raping Madison Brooks the night she died in a traffic accident is back in jail, accused of raping a girl in Livingston Parish when he was a juvenile.

WBRZ was able to obtain arrest documents showing in 2020 Kaivon Washington, who was 15 years old, allegedly raped a 12-year-old victim. According to the arrest documents, a year later the 12-year-old’s mother brought her to OLOL Children’s Hospital after her daughter disclosed what allegedly happened to her.

The victim said she was raped by the accused when she left a birthday party to go swimming at an apartment complex. A camera was in the apartment, and the victim said her friend asked if she could have a male come over.

The victim noted that she came allegedly out wrapped in a towel, covered the camera and went into a room. The victim said she told him no, and he ripped the towel off of her. 

Arrest documents show, “the victim clarified that he put his stuff in my vagina, and that went on for approx. 30 min. before Washington got another boy and left.”

Washington was interviewed at the time and denied anything occurred between them. 

The case went nowhere for years – until Friday when a witness came forward and said she saw Washington go into the room with the victim three years ago. 

Detectives noted in their arrest report, “she witnessed the accused enter the victim’s bedroom, but denied hearing any voices or sounds that would have led her to think someone was having sex. She further stated that she did not hear anyone hollering.”

Ron Haley is representing Washington. He said, “Mr. Washington and his mother cooperated with the investigation two years ago, and law enforcement took no action. Upon the review of the new statement from a witness that came forward yesterday, we are concerned not only of the timing of this statement, but whether it meets the threshold of probable cause.”

Washington is one of three adults who, along with a 17-year-old, were charged in connection with the alleged rape of Brooks earlier this month.

The LSU student died shortly after she left Reggie’s bar in Tigerland with the defendants. She was struck by a vehicle as she stood in a roadway in the early morning hours of Jan. 15.

Toxicology reports showed that Brooks had a blood alcohol level of .319 — nearly four times the limit set to determine intoxication for a driver.

Washington was released from the East Baton Rouge jail after posting bond earlier this week. The two other adults who are charged — Everett Lee and Casen Carver — have also bonded out.

The juvenile suspect remained in detention awaiting a rescheduled court hearing.

Brooks’ funeral is set to take place next weekend.

Reggie’s is closed following the suspension of its license to serve alcohol.

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