NEW ORLEANS — An arrest warrant has now been issued for the suspect accused of murdering 60-year-old Portia Pollock for her car.

Multiple agencies are searching for 47-year-old Bryan Andry.

He was ordered to wear an ankle monitor, but even the NOPD Superintendent does not know if Andry was wearing it or if it was working.

Pollock was fatally stabbed in the 1500 block of N. Dorgenois Street on Tuesday. Now, a memorial grows on her front porch as loved ones plan her funeral.

“In some ways, we’re still stuck. We’re still stuck at June 8th,” said Fatima Muse, Pollock’s goddaughter.

Pollock’s family and the community is struggling to come to grips knowing the suspect Bryan Andry is a repeat offender.

“The person who committed the act shouldn’t have even been allowed to do it because they shouldn’t have even been on the streets,” Muse said.

Andry faces second degree murder and armed robbery charges in Tuesday’s case.

Court records show Andry has an extensive criminal record dating back decades.

“Anything that he has previously done, what that would tell me is, ‘Oh, wait. Hold up. I can’t let this individual out. Look what he did,” said Brenda Lashley who lives on N. Dorgenois.

Andry served a portion of 2020 in jail for multiple armed robberies including an armed carjacking near Pollock’s home. While locked up, he also faced a felon in possession of a firearm charge.

The judge at the time set his bond at more than $200,000.

During a recent election, the judge was unseated and his replacement granted the defense’s motion to reduce bond to $95,000.

“It’s not just the person who killed her, but the people who allowed him to walk out of that jail knowing all of what he did,” Lashley said. “The blood is on your hands too.”

WGNO asked NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson if he believes the judge made a mistake by reducing bond.

“I know that the judges have been tasked with a major duty in regards to dealing with the number of arrests that we’re bringing in,” Ferguson said. “Also, trying to deal with their dockets. I have no comment on that because I really do not know.”

When Andry bonded out of the Orleans Parish Jail, he was ordered to wear an ankle monitor.

He was later booked and bonded out in Jefferson Parish as he faces charges of driving a stolen car and possession stolen goods. It’s unclear if that monitor was working the day Pollock was murdered.

“We have been searching for him and so have U.S. Marshals. We really don’t know where he is right now,” Ferguson said.

Muse said, “The closure we need in order to move forward is to know that this monster is off the street and can never do this again.”

Investigators are heavily relying on tips to capture Bryan Andry.

If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at 504-822-1111.