METAIRIE, La. (WGNO)— Last month, an Old Metairie neighborhood was shaken up after one of its residents was followed home from babysitting and nearly carjacked — all of it caught on camera. Now, neighbors are sending the message they won’t tolerate crime in their neighborhood.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office says two male suspects with guns confronted two victims and demanded their vehicle and the victim’s purse in the 200 block of Sena Drive on July 8. The incident has caused neighbors to take safety and security precautions.

“It is these types of investments that are not expensive, but go a long way to help police find those who commit a crime,” Larry Merington, a neighbor on Sena Drive in Old Metairie said.

Nearly 100 percent of neighbors living on Sena Drive now all have security cameras installed.

“So cameras are important to catalog what happens and takes place,” Merington added.

Luckily, Merington already had his security cameras, which captured the attempted carjacking in early July on the 200 block of Sena Drive.

“When it comes down to guns pointed at neighbors and being robbed that was a wake-up call for many people,” Merington explained.

In addition to the cameras, Larry says his neighborhood is forming an association that has already come up with several confidential security initiatives.

“Sooner or later you have to realize you have the responsibility to form your own community, defend your own community, and grow your own community,” Merington said. “It is going to be a whole package of things knitted together that makes a difference about an umbrella of safety. It is neighbors helping neighbors because cops can’t be everywhere, but if we’re watching each other a lot more, then we can self-police to a certain level.”

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