SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — A Shreveport family is claiming the Greenwood Police Department made a wrongful arrest.

Because of it, they say their father and husband, Carl Reynolds, now sits in the Smith County Jail.

But Greenwood police say they have their man.

“I’m feeling like they got the wrong person,” said Reynolds’ wife, Delena Reynolds. “They just need to let my husband out, so he won’t die up in there. He’s diabetic, and he needs insulin …they got the wrong person.”

On February 16th of last year, Caddo-Shreveport Crime Stoppers took to their Facebook page asking if anyone recognized this individual.

He was caught on camera stealing multiple car batteries and an inverter generator at a Tractor Supply store in Greenwood on February 12th.

A witness says the same man returned three days later, stealing coveralls and work gloves. But the family says Reynolds never left Shreveport.

“He’s on medications for his back pain. He has pain patches. He has muscle relaxing medications,” Reynolds’ daughter, Mileesia Williams said.

Williams says her father’s physical condition could not allow him to commit the thefts.

“Like picking up heavy objects, especially using his left hand to reach for something. He can’t even really run. Barely can walk, and if he is walking it’s with a cane or with assistance from his son,” she says.

Greenwood Police Department say they received a tip from Crime Stoppers claiming Reynolds was the man in the video.

On April 1, 2022, they searched his home. No stolen items were found, but they did arrest Reynolds, and his family bailed Reynolds out that same day.

“Like, I said, we worked with the investigation. He was identified as a suspect, and there was enough probable cause to get warrants for his arrest,” says Greenwood Police Chief Shayne Gibson.

Reynolds’ son, Carl Reynolds Jr., said the arrest of his father gave him Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, adding his father was very confused when police came to their home.

“He got all of this facial hair, and the other dude he only got a chin hair,” Reynolds Jr. said. “And my daddy’s nose, you can see by the nose and ears you can see that they’re different. His jaw is fatter, and the other dude he got an oval head, and my daddy got a circle head.”

Fast forward to earlier this year, Reynolds went to his court hearing on January 19th at the Caddo Parish District Court and never came home.

Instead, he was booked into Caddo Correctional Center on two theft warrants out of Tyler, Texas.

The Smith County Sheriff says Reynolds stole vacuums and leaf blowers at a home depot in Tyler on March 31, 2022 – and other items one from the same store on January 12th.

He now sits in the Smith County jail.  But the family says he doesn’t belong there.

“I want my husband back; they need to release him ’cause he’s innocent. That is not the man,” says Delena.

However, Gibson says they are certain that Reynold is the person they have been looking for.

“We don’t take making arrests lightly, and we go through the measures we have available to us to identify the person that’s committing, allegedly committing the crimes,” he says.

The case in Greenwood is currently being prosecuted in Caddo District Court.

Reynolds’ next court date is set to take place in March. A court appearance in Smith County has not been scheduled.