NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Six people were hospitalized after gunfire rang out at Balcony Bar & Cafe in Uptown Friday night.

According to police, just before 10:30 p.m. two groups were involved in a shootout in the 3200 block of Magazine Street.

A source within the NOPD confirmed the target of the drive-by shooting was 23-year-old Nairobi Davis, a suspect in an October double homicide. When the group of men in the car started shooting, Davis’ associates fired back,

Four women and one other man were hit. The victims range in age from 23-35 years old, Davis being the youngest. All six of them sustained gunshot wounds to the lower body.

The four women were taken to the hospital by EMS.

A Balcony Bar worker told WGNO News off camera, he saw Davis and the other man get in a car that was waiting for them. Police said, that was how the pair got to the hospital.

“I live in a parish outside there. I do not go there anymore,” said a man, that asked to remain anonymous and was born and raised in New Orleans.” I do not eat in New Orleans because of the danger that it presents.”

Uptown has become the latest target for violent crimes.

A man was found shot and killed on 2nd Street Thursday night. Two women “terrorized” the staff in a nearby bar April 23.

Neighbors continued to blame city leadership for the spiking crime rate.

“Guys like [Councilman Joe] Giarrusso, who thinks he knows a lot about things, [Councilwoman Helena] Moreno that has no idea what’s going on on the West Bank,” that same man said. “These are the people that have situations they can’t do anything about because they are afraid to not get re-elected.”