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SUN, La. (WGNO) – St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain says detectives have matched three letters from the license plate of a burned car to the car’s plates of a woman who has been missing since September 20. But Sheriff Strain says it is too early to know for certain if the car belonged to Nanette Me’Shell King who was last seen on Sept. 20.  Strain says the car was badly burned and detective have yet to identify the car based on its VIN. Strain confirms human remains were found in the back seat of the car, identified as a Mitsubishi, the same make of car driven by King. The coroner is currently working to identify the remains of the body.
The sheriff says two women were walking in a wooded area off Highway 16 in Sun when they found the burned car. “They realized what appeared to be bones in the back seat of the vehicle,” Strain told reporters on Monday. King was last seen after leaving her job at a convenience store in Bush.  Her friends and family began posting signs with the woman’s photos and pictures of her car, a Mitsubishi. According to Strain, the car that was discovered burned is also Mitsubishi.  He says the heat damaged the license plate so that only three letters are legible, but those letter’s match King’s license plate. “Partial license plate match at this point,” he said. The State Fire Marshal is trying to determine exactly how the car was set on fire.  The Saint Tammany Coroner’s Office hopes to have an identification on the human remains found inside the car.  Until then, Strain is urging people not to jump to conclusions. “It’s tempting.  It’s enticing for us all to jump to some obvious conclusions.”