Disclaimer: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Officials with the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office report that a person who escaped from a bounty hunter during a bond surrender intake on Tuesday, Oct. 2, has been taken into custody.

OPSO officials said a bounty hunter and a woman came into the lobby of 2800 Perdido St. Building B with a person for a bond surrender around 2:32 p.m.

They said surveillance video depicts the person in handcuffs being seated then left in the IPC lobby by the bounty hunter.

After a deputy released a different person from custody, the bounty hunter gave the deputy a piece of paper. The person then allegedly ran from the bounty hunter.

OPSO officials said surveillance video also shows the person removing his handcuffs before fleeing.

OPSO officials said a bail agent must physically hand over a suspect to a deputy and the deputy must remove the bail agent’s handcuffs and put their own handcuffs on the suspect to assume custody.

The person, identified by the OPSO as Anthony Moore, was reportedly later turned in by his mother, who deputies say told them he had ran from the bounty hunter.

OPSO officials said their records didn’t show that Moore was wanted on any charges. However, his mother informed deputies that Moore was a possible flight risk.

Moore was then taken into custody.

“OPSO is working with our partner at the bail bonds office to address concerns about this incident and discuss proper procedures to ensure an efficient swap of custody. We are working with our staff to address proper notification of these incidents in the future as well as assessing current procedures for bond surrenders to ensure subjects are brought into a secure part of our facility to await booking and processing,” said an OPSO spokesperson.

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