OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — An Opelousas man was arrested Wednesday on 20 counts of cockfighting, according to the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office (SLPSO).

Alexander Ursin, 51, of Opelousas, was transported to the St. Landry Parish Jail and was charged with 20 counts of Cockfighting. He has no bond at this time.

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, the St. Landry Parish Animal Control received an anonymous tip about an active and in-progress event at the 100 block of Leroy Brooks Road in Opelousas. Animal Control requested the assistance of SLPSO.

Deputies with SLPSO noted that a house in the reported area had several cages outside and numerous vehicles parked in the front. As deputies pulled up, several people exited the house and immediately left the scene.

Animal Control agents and SLPSO deputies came into contact with the homeowner, identified as Alexander Ursin, and he said that he was boxing the roosters, not fighting them. Law enforcement officials told him that boxing roosters is also illegal.

The following is what Ursin said when he was asked what “boxing roosters” meant:

Roosters were placed inside the area with a small boxing glove-like leather attachment that fits around the spurs of the roosters’ feet.  The roosters would then fight, but the small boxing glove-like items would only cause the mouths to bleed when the rooster was struck by the other.

A wooden-style boxing area was found inside the house and had what appeared to be fresh blood on the interior walls. Several roosters and hens were found in wooden boxes and cages throughout the house.

20 roosters and hens were confiscated by Animal Control agents.