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KENNER, La. — Two people have been arrested in connection to a man in Kenner being brutally beaten.

On Wednesday, July 14, U.S. Marshals Task Force arrested Mishanda Reed and Malcom Reed, both of Durham, North Carolina. Police reports indicate that a Houston man with connections to Mishanda was invited to Kenner, but events quickly escalated when the man was taken into a residence, beaten, and later dumped on the street.

It all stems back to late June when the victim traveled to Kenner to meet up with Mishanda Reed, who were reportedly college friends. Mishanda provided him with an address to a residence on Lloyd Price Avenue in Kenner.

Once he arrived at the location, the victim was allegedly approached by Malcom Reed, Mishanda’s husband, who was armed with a handgun. The victim was unaware that Mishanda was married.

The victim was dumped on the street around the intersection of Reverend Richard Wilson Boulevard and Alliance Street in Kenner.

From there, the police reports claim the victim was zip-tied to a chair and questioned about his relationship with Mishanda Reed for several hours. Additionally, he was cut with a knife and beaten with a bat — all while being held at gunpoint. Some of the victim’s personal belongings were also discovered to be missing.

After torturing and questioning the victim, the Reeds placed him in his car. The two drove the victim to the intersection of Reverend Richard Wilson Boulevard and Alliance Street and dumped him out of the vehicle.

Police were able to locate where the beating and interrogation occurred and obtained a search warrant. Evidence matching the victim’s statement was found at the location.

Warrants were issued for both Malcom and Mishanda Reed and both were arrested in Durham, North Carolina. The two are awaiting extradition back to Louisiana, where they face charges for aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated kidnapping, and armed robbery.