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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On Tuesday, February 15, officials with the NOPD will release video footage of an officer-involved shooting that occurred in Mid-City.

Officers responded to the 400 block of North Dorgenois Street at 8 p.m. on February 8 for a suspected armed robbery.

The suspect, identified as 32-year-old Daniel Castillo, is said to have taken off with one of the victim’s purses, which contained their phone.

With the help of the other victim, who tracked and then called their friend’s phone, Officer Levi Atkin was able to locate the victim’s belongings, along with Castillo, a few block aways on St. Louis Street, near the Lafitte Greenway.

“Calling that phone brought the officer to that location, and I mean, it was very dark, dimly lit, bushes, you know, but he was able to locate that property,” said NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson. “He took a few more steps and located this individual as well.”

Ferguson says the officer spotted Castillo hiding in the bushes and then repeatedly ordered him to put his hands up.

Castillo then reportedly reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun.

Officer Atkin yelled at the suspect to drop his gun, but, according to the video footage, Castillo fired two shots toward Atkin.

Investigators say Castillo’s gun jammed after he fired two shots.

“If you look at this video, he was in an open field, at which time this individual fired shots at him. He has nowhere to take cover,” explained Ferguson. “[The] only thing he can do is return fire to save himself.”

Castillo was shot twice in the leg, and the officer wasn’t injured.

The suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment and was booked into jail on Monday.

“We never want to have an encounter with our citizens at no point in time, but unfortunately, we had this encounter, but the good thing about all of this is that everyone was able to get out of this thing alive,” said the police superintendent.

Castillo is facing one count of armed robbery, one count of attempted armed robbery, and one count of attempted murder of a police officer.

Officer Atkin is on administrative duty pending the findings of the investigation.

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