NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson says an officer walked off the job Friday night. The officer was assigned to the department’s Eighth District which includes the French Quarter and CBD areas.

“It’s one thing when you are resigning and are turning in your equipment,” Ferguson said of the incident. “That did not occur.”

The comments came during a news conference to update the public on the department’s effort to reduce violent crime in the city.

Ferguson said that the murder problem could be trending in a positive direction. He said that there have been 14 homicides in July, with the month nearly over, compared to 23 homicides in July of 2021. Ferguson also said that the department’s solve rate is 46%, which is above the national average of 43%.

Ferguson also thanked members of the New Orleans City Council for passing two measures to help the department. One will provide bonuses to help attract and keep officers. The second gives the department better access to use crimefighting technology like facial recognition.

Two council members, Oliver Thomas and Eugene Green, joined Ferguson to speak with reporters at the NOPD’s conference room.

Ferguson also announced that he’s requiring more detectives and administrative officers to wear uniforms to work. Previously, many wore department polo-style shirts. The superintendent says requiring more officers to wear uniforms will help increase the department’s visibility in the public.

He also said that soon the department will begin a new lateral program designed to hire and train officers who are working for other law enforcement agencies around the state.

As for the officer accused of walking off the job, Ferguson he’s disappointed and, “He abandoned, as far as we’re concerned, the citizens of New Orleans. He abandoned this department.”