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KENNER, La. — An NOPD officer who is in his probationary period with the department has been arrested on a rape charge in Kenner.

According to an arrest affidavit provided by Kenner Police, officer William “Ben” Burford, 28, was out drinking with the victim and her roommate for several hours at a bar in Kenner over the weekend.

The victim told police that Burford went back to her home in Kenner, where he had been on occasion because he was in a casual dating relationship with the victim’s roommate.

The victim said she went to bed about 4 a.m. and was highly intoxicated, as was her roommate.

Her roommate, who sleeps in the victim’s bed because her bedroom is being renovated, went to sleep a short time after in the victim’s bed, leaving Burford to sleep on the couch.

The victim said a while later, she woke up to Burford on top of her with his legs on top of her legs. He reportedly proceeded to have intercourse with the victim, despite her attempts to push Burford off of her.

The victim told police she passed out again and woke up nauseous and vomiting. She took a shower because she said she had been raped and felt “disgusting.”

Eventually, she reportedly told her roommate to make Burford leave. The victim said she sobered up, gathered the clothing she was wearing at the time of the alleged rape, then went to a local hospital for a sexual assault examination.

Burford reportedly admitted to having intercourse with the victim, but maintained it was consensual. He did, however, say that the victim never gave him verbal permission.

Burford was booked on one count of third-degree rape.

According to Kenner PD, NOPD has suspended Burford pending an administrative investigation. Burford is in his probationary period as an NOPD officer. He was set to finish his probationary period in October.