NOPD: Crime down 6% overall


NEW ORLEANS — A recent survey shows 74% of New Orleans residents believe crime has gotten worse, but on Wednesday, Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said overall crime has gone down.

The Superintendent said recent stats show crime is down 6% in the city. While this might seem like a marginal number, NOPD believes their crime fighting tactics are working.

Like other cities across the country, New Orleans is trying to stop a spike in crime. NOPD is partnered with local, state and federal agencies to hold criminals accountable and to curb the violence.

“Our officers are actively pursuing those who are responsible for any and all violent incidents in our city,” Ferguson said.

Year-to-date, there have been 108 murders and 58% of cases have been solved. 257 non-fatal shootings have happened and 35% of those cases have been solved. Meanwhile, 192 armed robberies have been reported with less than 50% solved.

NOPD said auto burglaries, auto thefts and property crime have decreased.

“What we have in place right now is working,” Ferguson said. “It is a work in progress and will take us some time to get flowing in the direction we want it to go.”

NOPD currently has 1100 officers and is struggling to recruit and retain employees.

Before the death of George Floyd, Superintendent Ferguson said NOPD received 400 to 500 applications per month. Now, he says that number is cut in half.

“We currently have a class of 25 recruits in place and we’re expected to have two more classes by the end of this year.”

The Superintendent stresses it’s not just NOPD fighting violent crime.

“It’s the N.O. meaning you the citizens and the PD fighting together. We will do just that. No matter what the manpower is, no matter what the challenges are. Whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our city,” Ferguson said.

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