NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — After several tragic shootings, New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams held a news conference on Thursday, Nov. 16, to highlight the need to keep firearms away from children.

“We have witnessed heartbreaking instances where children have lost their lives or sustained serious injuries due to firearms left unattended. Each of these tragedies were absolutely preventable,” says Williams.

“Williams is taking a stand when it comes to firearm owners, stating they will face criminal charges if a child accidentally shoots themselves with their gun.

“I do realize that gun owners love their children or love their child that was in that home that found that gun, but that doesn’t deal with the legal consequences. They will have to deal with those consequences in court,” says Williams.

Now the DA’s office is lending a helping hand in hopes of keeping guns out of the hands of kids.

“The DA’s office will be providing free gun locks. There will be no screening of any kind to get these locks or safes. No one will have their names run and no one will have to be registered to come and get these,” says Williams.

Yet, Williams says this will only go so far. Williams is asking to have open conversations with the community about responsible gun ownership.

“It’s up to all of us to break down these barriers that seem to prevent us from discussing or even talking honestly about this crucial issue. The more we talk about it, the more lives we will save. Williams wants gun owners to know this is not about limiting anyone’s gun rights but safeguarding lives,” says Williams.

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