MARRERO, La. (WGNO) — Two years after the fatal attack on a Jefferson Parish man, a jury has convicted his younger brother of manslaughter.

On Thursday, John “Blair” McMillan was convicted as charged for the November 2020 death of 63-year-old Kenneth McMillan. In a statement from District Attorney Paul Connick, Kenneth’s death stemmed from a volatile relationship between the brothers, who also lived together at their Marrero home.

We’re told that in the early morning hours of November 15, 2020, Kenneth texted his boss that he would not be at work that day, sending a photo of his swollen face.

“I’m a lil preoccupied with lil brothers habits at the moment,” the text read, suggesting that Kenneth had been beaten.

Later that evening around 4:30 p.m., Blair reportedly asked a neighbor to call 911, saying that Kenneth had fallen in the shower and needed help. We’re told the neighbor entered the home and found Kenneth suffering.

“The neighbor found Kenneth McMillian lying in bed with a swollen face, a bucket, and blood on the pillow and sheets,” Connick said. “His last known words were to his brother: ‘Blair, leave me alone.’”

When EMS arrived at the home, paramedics determined that Kenneth had lost higher brain function and that his eyes were not responding to light. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office did not respond as it was a medical call.

Kenneth was declared brain dead following his injuries. He was removed from life support two days later.

When Kenneth’s son questioned Blair about his father’s death, we’re told multiple were accounts were given, including that Kenneth had fallen in the shower, he had fell out of the shower and struck a wall, and that he hit his head on the toilet. However, Connick says that there’s no evidence that any of the stories had actually happened.

However, the web tangled even more when Kenneth’s son contacted Kenneth’s boss to let him know of his father’s death. That’s when the conversation regarding the text message sent to the boss the night before the 911 call happened.

Kenneth’s son contacted the JPSO regarding the incident and detectives began investigating the circumstances surrounding Kenneth’s death. When a warrant was later secured to search the McMillan brothers’ home, we’re told that Blair struck the detective who tried to enter the house and resisted arrest.

Meanwhile, the parish coroner finalized an autopsy of Kenneth’s body and it revealed that he had died of blunt force trauma to his head that ended up causing a blood clot to his brain. The death was ruled a homicide.

Blair McMillan was booked and charged with manslaughter. During his trial this week, Connick says the defense team made an effort to prove that the attack was self-defense and that Kenneth was a bully to his younger brother.

After an hour, a unanimous guilty verdict was reached and Blair was convicted of manslaughter, along with resisting arrest and battery related to the search warrant of his home.

Blair McMillan’s sentencing is scheduled for Thursday, December 15.

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