Habitual offender out on early release accused of Kenner armed robbery


Tyrone “Smokey” White photo courtesy Kenner Police

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KENNER, La. — A habitual offender released early from prison under the governor’s criminal justice reform package has been arrested in Kenner for an alleged armed robbery five days after he left prison.

According to the Kenner Police Department, Tyrone “Smokey” White, 24, of Kenner, was released on parole from the Department of Corrections, on Thursday, November 2.

White pleaded guilty in 2014 to four counts of simple burglary and received a 12-year sentence.

Police said on Tuesday, White approached two people who arrived in the 600 block of 27th Street in Kenner to complete some roofing work on a residence.

As the two victims exited their vehicle, they observed White standing in front of a residence.  As the first victim began to unload a work truck and prepare for the job, the first victim walked toward a ladder that the second victim used to access the roof.  As the first victim walked to the ladder, he observed White standing on the opposite side of the ladder holding a black handgun in his hand.  White pointed the handgun at the victim and demanded the victim’s money, robbing him.

White then ordered the victim to instruct the second victim to come down from the roof.  Believing White did not speak Spanish, the first victim speaking in Spanish complied and told the second victim to come down from the roof, but to leave his wallet.

After the second victim came down the ladder, White also attempted to rob the second victim at gun point but realized he did not have any money, at which time White reportedly fled the scene west on 27th Street.

Witnesses told police they had seen White in the neighborhood days before the robbery pulling on car door handles in the neighborhood.

Tyrone “Smokey” White was known to the Kenner Police Department because of his arrest record.

White was arrested Thursday at his home, where investigators found a black handgun and clothing consistent with what witnesses said the armed robbery was wearing.

White was booked with armed robbery and attempted armed robbery. No bond has been set.

Kenner Police said in Jefferson Parish alone, White has a 40-page criminal history.  Summary of White’s Adult Criminal History

White has been arrested and charged with the crimes of illegal carrying of weapons, criminal trespassing, resisting an officer, illegal possession of a stolen hand gun, and 64 counts of simple burglary.

About 1,900 inmates were released statewide Nov. 1 as part of Gov. John Bel Edwards criminal justice reform package that aims to reduce Louisiana’s prison population by 10 percent and scale down the parole/probation population by 12 percent over the next decade.

Officials have said all of the inmates released early were incarcerated for non-violent offenses.


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