GRAPHIC: Dog found in fire pit in City Park, HSL issues ‘Abuse Alert’


Photo supplied by Humane Society of Louisiana

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UPDATE: It's a very graphic scene - the remains of a dog that was beaten and then "cooked" over flames in City Park. "I couldn't believe it. It was unbelievable. It was horrifying," said Jessica, the woman who found the dog’s remains. Due to the gruesome nature of this story, Jessica did not want to be fully identified, but she said she found the body when she was walking her dog around Scout Island. She's hoping justice will be served. "I put my finger in the ashes to see if they were warm, and they seemed to be warm underneath," she said. "It's just really important for this not to happen and for the people who do it to be stopped." "There's a very strange psychology at play here, and this person needs intervention, imprisonment and/or counseling," said Jeff Dorson with the Humane Society of Louisiana. A necropsy revealed the dog was a male terrier, possibly a Jack Russell. He sustained multiple fractures to his face and head, and it's believed he was abused throughout his lifetime. The humane society is issuing its first ever city-wide "animal abuse alert," hoping the public will come forward with any tips or leads in this case. "We think it's going to take all of us to help solve this crime and prevent further ones, so we're asking the whole community of New Orleans and the metropolitan area to take this very seriously," Dorson said. The Humane Society is working with the New Orleans Police Department on the case. WARNING:  THIS STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC, DISTURBING PHOTOGRAPHS.  THEY ARE PART OF A PHOTO GALLERY AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE PHOTO GALLERY IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE THEM. NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The Humane Society of Louisiana is issuing its first ever city-wide 'animal abuse alert' following the discovery of a dog's carcass that was thrown into a fire in City Park and "cooked." The HSL's director, Jeff Dorson, said a woman who was walking her dog in the park discovered what was left of the fire.  Although distraught, the woman took several photographs at the scene.  Those photos can be found at the bottom of this page.  They are graphic and disturbing.  Please do not click on the photo gallery if you do not wish to see them. According to Dorson, what remained of the dog's carcass was sent to the LSU Veterinary School Diagnostic Lab for tests.  Dorson said the tests showed that the dog was a terrier, perhaps a Jack Russell, and its cranium had been fractured along with the bone that separates the nasal passages.  Dorson also said the dog's lower jaw was broken in half and showed signs of healing from a previous fracture.  Dorson suspects the dog endured prior cruelty and abuse. Dorson also noted that the dog's carcass had been punctured or speared in two places.  He said additional tests will try to determine if the dog was dead prior to being put in the fire. Dorson said his group is sending the photos as well as the information to the Louisiana State Police. The woman was reportedly walking in the area of the park near the fishing dog that can be seen from Diagonal Drive, which meets Harrison Avenue at the traffic circle. Below are some of the photographs taken at the scene.  They are graphic and disturbing and show the dog's burned carcass.  Please do not click on the gallery if you do not wish to see the photos.  


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