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METAIRIE – Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said a fourth person has been found dead in a Metairie apartment complex that was the scene of a separate quadruple shooting this morning.

The bodies of two men and one woman were found in an apartment at 2508 Pasadena Avenue in Metairie this morning, and one woman who was shot in the face was able to call 911.

She is currently in stable condition at an area hospital receiving treatment for her wounds, Normand said.

At a press conference from the scene of the quadruple shooting, Normand said officers performing a sweep of the area found an adjacent apartment with the door ajar.

“We procured a search warrant, and we went into that apartment,” Normand said. “We discovered a fourth individual murdered, a white male approximately 50 years of age, who we are in the process of trying to identify.”

Normand said it was too early to draw any connections between the two shootings, citing the ongoing investigation.

“The investigation is still in its infancy,” Normand said. “We’re pulling together a bunch of information, and when we get to that juncture where we can release more about what we know about this, we will.”

Normand also gave more details on the accidental shooting that occurred this morning at the chaotic scene.

An officer who was processing a weapon found at the scene was having trouble clearing a live round from the chamber of the gun, Normand said.

The round went off after the bolt released in what Normand referred to as a “bolt fire.”

“The weapon was faced down to the ground, like we always do when we’re clearing weapons,” he said. “It [the round] hit some concrete and some brick, and the brick shrapnel is what hot the officer. He’s fine.”

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