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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A recent carjacking caught on camera on New Year’s Eve seemed to be a prelude to what was to come in 2022.

And with 17 carjackings already in the new year, two attempted carjackings and six armed robberies that involved cars being taken, one of the most unsafe places for New Orleanians could be your car.

These carjackings have happened throughout the city from New Orleans East, to Mid City to Uptown. Former NOPD Superintendent and Loyola Law Professor Ronal W. Serpas explained the horror one feels when this happens.

“Somone’s putting a gun in your face or a knife on you and they’re taking your car as part of the crime,” Serpas told WGNO. “Oftentimes we see people begging for their lives and often times they’re begging for the lives of their children who are also in the car.”

That’s just what happened to the woman on New Year’s Eve and in the video (provided at the top of the post) viewers can see her walking with the child.  That happened on Marigny Street. One of the latest carjackings happened Monday night in the 4300 block of S. Prieur in Broadmoor.

It was an incident that’s left this neighborhood shaken.

“That is really scary and concerning, as a single female who lives by herself,” said resident Devin Rohlfs Rivera.

The NOPD has posted videos of how to help prevent being a victim but the former police chief see’s a problem with accountability on criminals.

“Carjackings to me from my experience is a brazen act which is done by young people, who absolutely do not expect to be held accountable,” said Serpas.

The carjackings have also happened at various times of the day and the Broadmoor incident took place at 10 p.m.

“It’s very sad to hear that,” said resident Deo Gracia. “We actually have private security that drives throughout the neighborhood.”

It seems that even with private security, no neighborhood is safe.