MARRERO, La. (WGNO)— The Jefferson Parish Coroner has identified the two men who were killed in a hit-and-run on Westbank Expressway in Marrero last week that remains unsolved.

The family of 58-year-old Carl January Sr. and his son, 37-year-old Carl “CJ” January Jr., are at a loss for words from having to bury both of their loved ones.

CJ was a 14-year Army veteran and doctoral student studying psychiatry Loyola and Xavier universities in New Orleans. The Wisconsin native’s parents were visiting him from Georgia for his birthday, traveling in an RV and the scooter that would later be involved in their tragic deaths. We’re told Carl Sr. was a mechanic and came to Louisiana to work on the scooter with his son.

“It leaves you without words, for someone to take them so tragically,” Carl Sr.’s sister, Anna January Beal told WGNO’s Anna McAllister. “I don’t want them to go out this way. I want their life to have meaning. Oh, God.”

Both men were struck and killed while testing out the scooter early Friday (Sept. 2) morning — something they were doing at night because it was too hot during the day. The family wants to know why the person who struck them never stopped.

“To hear that they were hit was bad, to hear that the person didn’t stop was devastating,” Beal added.

Louisiana State Troopers say the driver of the white Ford F-150 drug the scooter down the road before the father and son’s project became engulfed in flames.

“For CJ to serve his country and come back and get dragged, and this happen to him and his dad, it’s hard,” said Beal.

CJ died only two days before his 38th birthday. Beal describes her brother and nephew as happy, caring men who loved education. She says losing both of them at once has shattered their family, and is pleading for the person responsible to come forward.

“Turn yourself in. Do the right thing and turn yourself in,” Beal said.

Photo: LSP

Louisana State Police say they do not have a supsect at this time and are asking for the public’s help to identify the truck, described as a white Ford F-150 with an extended cab, a silver toolbox in the bed, and extensive damage to the front. Troopers say the license plate fell off during the crash but believe it could be a Texas plate reading CCD-3344.

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