DUSON, La. (KLFY) — A Duson woman is speaking out after she says her ex-boyfriend ran over her parents with his car while coming after her.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office is now trying to locate the suspect.

29-year-old Michael Granger is charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder.

The incident happened at an apartment complex in the 100 block of Limoges Street in Duson.

Take a look at this brick wall and this damage.

This is where a woman was crushed with a car Monday afternoon.

She’s now in the hospital with two broken legs.

Authorities say the person that crushed her was her daughter’s ex boyfriend.

“Yall, I’m going to say domestic violence. It’s rough, and I feel it just standing next to her, and I feel her pain.”

Briana Hebert says she was at her parent’s apartment when her ex-boyfriend Michael Granger showed up.

She says when she threatened to call police, he became angry.

She says granger ran over her father in the parking lot. he then came for her… when she ran up the stairs, she says he slammed her mother into this brick wall.

“As hard as he could press on the gas, he hit my sister here. broke both of her legs to where the bones were snapped out.”

Standing next to her aunt for support, briana says her ex-boyfriend then tried to run over her brother, though his car got stuck between these two staircases.

She says he then fled the scene.

“She’s horrified by the actions of her niece’s ex-boyfriend as he tried to run her over her niece while she was holding their 9-month-old child in her arms.

“How can you do this to your own daughter? your daughter was standing basically in the line of fire, in the position of the car. your own daughter. why? just why?”

Briana and her aunt say while they’re thankful no one was killed, they’re scared he’ll come after their family again and they don’t understand why this happened.

“There was no reason. if you that upset, just don’t do it.”

Law enforcement is still searching for Granger. If you have any information on his whereabouts, contact the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office or CrimeStoppers.