NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— The phenomena of people stopping traffic to do donuts in the middle of the streets are just one of the issues plaguing the intersection of Downman Rd and Chef Hwy. A busy intersection nonetheless, but one that authorities are beginning to pay attention to.

District E Councilman Oliver Thomas stated, “It’s a major economic corridor that needs to be protected and respected.”

The intersection is a stone’s throw from the Faubourg Brewery, Banner Chevrolet, a host of smaller businesses and the Folgers coffee compound, where there are tire tracks from the donuts of cars in front. Monday morning a man was shot at the intersection. The latest on many such incidents in the past year

Resident Akiva Holmes said, “Stop all this killing senseless crimes, everybody lives really does matter, it really does.”

The police provided this statement to our questions, saying in part

“The NOPD Seventh District will continue active patrols in this area and will continue to respond to any calls for service in this area. If anyone has information on any criminal activity occurring, they are urged to call police.”

Councilmember Eugene Green echoed that sentiment, “To increase the patrols as necessary, and I’m also asking citizens who see things to not be afraid to call us and tell us what you see.

In addition to the violence, the dangers of tying up the intersection has gotten the most attention

“The folks who are illegally operating, taking over our intersections, they don’t own this city and they don’t control this city. And as long as I have breath, I’m going to continue to fight for those businesses and those citizens that deserve a better quality of life.”

The councilmembers told us that they are meeting with businesses, residents, and police next week to seek solutions to the issues in the area.