Don’t mess with this guy! WWII vet fights off mugger with cane

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One lucky veteran in New Hampshire is home and healthy, after fighting off a crook with eyes on his wallet.

“But damn it if I’d a had my cell phone we would have nailed that guy cause the police station is only one block down.”

That’s the one regret 95 year old Arthur Kamberis, the WWII veteran who fought on Okinawa, says he has aftert after fending off Saturday’s attack.

Manchester police say a surveillance camera managed to get a picture of the suspect.

Kamberis was picking up a prescription for his wife and walking home when he was accosted.

Kamberis says, “He was not aggressive he didn’t lay his hands on me other than he wanted to reach in this pocket to get the wallet.”

Kamberis says the man was mumbling, so he had trouble understanding what the suspect wanted.

He tried to give the man some loose change, but the robber insisted on trying to get the wallet.  Kamberis said that wasn’t happening!

“I had my credit card my license my grandchildren’s pictures in there and all sorts of stuff it would have been wicked for me to replace.”

So, Kamberis lashed out with his cane.

“I was very nervous I hit him three or four times on the arm  and then you know what the cop told me you should have hit him on the head!”

Lt. Brian O’Keefe says, “Mr. Kamberis was very fortunate  he fought off the bad guy and left in one piece.”

Police say they always recommend surrendering your goods, as things can be replaced, but people can’t.

Despite the attempted robbery, Kamberis says he has no plans to change his routine… with one exception…

“When I go out alone, my 357 magnum will be with me all the time.”

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