UPDATE: Darren Bridges has been found guilty on charges of first-degree murder in the death of NOPD officer Marcus McNeil.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— After several days of court hearings, the trial of Darren Bridges, the man accused of fatally shooting NOPD officer Marcus McNeil in 2017, nears a close.

On Monday, the jury heard from the only witness for the defense, along with a competing testimony from a witness for the prosecution. Much of the day’s testimony centered around the effects of deploying a taser and the reaction of the person being tased.

Attorneys on both sides agree that Officer McNeil tased Bridges during a confrontation at the Cypress Park Apartment in New Orleans East in the early morning hours of October 13, 2017. But, the defense argued that McNeil’s use of ta taser during his struggle with Bridges was unwarranted.

“Use of Force” expert Dr. Lloyd Grafton was called to the stand, telling the jury that a person who has been tased is under the influence of the taser for the next five seconds and may not be in control of their own movement or behavior.

During cross-examination, state attorneys asked Grafton if he had ever been tasted, to which he answered no. In the state’s rebuttal, they called their own expert witness, Dr. Michael White, to the stand.

White, a former law enforcement officer who now works as a professor of criminology and criminal justice, testified that he has observed about 100 officers being voluntarily tased and that he himself has been voluntarily tased. White told jurors once the taser stops, there is no impact on a person’s behavior.

We’re expected to hear more from the state’s final witness on Tuesday morning at 9:30. Judge Angel Harris says she will then give the jury their instructions.

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