Criminals smash at least eight car windows near New Orleans Athletic Club


NEW ORLEANS – It’s a trend across New Orleans, crooks smashing car windows, leaving the owners trying to figure out what’s stolen.

The latest smash and grab happened Wednesday night near the New Orleans Athletic Club in Downtown.

At least eight cars had their windows smashed before 5:30. A nearby resident heard the commotion and called 911.

The suspects acted quickly and left behind piles of belongings, even some cash.

“You just don’t feel safe anymore,” said Lexie Gray. “The crime seems to be getting worse and worse. You take every precaution to be safe and it doesn’t seem to help.”

Gray was working out when she was notified of the break-in. She says she does not keep anything important or valuable in her car. Gray added, NOPD responded quickly and did a good job collecting evidence.

“I didn’t touch anything to make sure they have the best opportunity to pickup fingerprints if they could find them,” Gray said.

Residents though are frustrated crime like this keeps happening.

“I just wish they’d stop,” said Kelly Sheeran.

Sheeran is a bar owner and has felt the struggle over the last ten months.

“It’s hard times for everybody. I can’t believe you can go home and not feel guilty for what you just put people through,” Sheeran said.

For one victim, this is the second time in three days that her windows were smashed.

In the first incident, Chelsea Bussey’s passport, cash and other items were stolen. Plus, the suspects left someone else’s clothes on the backseat.

This go around, Bussey is still not sure what’s missing.

“I mean you almost just have to laugh it off and call it the worst week ever,” Bussey said.

Police are reviewing surveillance video, but so far, no suspect information.


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