COVINGTON, La. (WGNO)— On April 21, District Attorney Warren Montgomery reported the sentencing of Wade Ostarly from Covington.

Wade Ostarly was sentenced to 40 years in prison with the first 20 years without benefit of parole for attempted manslaughter and other charges according to District Attorney Warren Montgomery.

In December, a 12-person jury convicted him of attempted manslaughter, domestic abuse aggravated assault, illegal discharge of a weapon during a crime of violence, and illegal possession of a firearm by a person previously convicted of domestic abuse.

Reports show that on August 26, 2019, the victim and her two children were sleeping in their home when Ostarly allegedly kicked in the front door and made his way into the residence.

The victim dialed 9-1-1, but Ostarly took the phone from her and put it in his pocket.

According to court documents, the children were able to escape and ran through a field and a creek to their grandparent’s home.

The victim pleaded for her life as Ostarly repeatedly threatened he was going to kill her. Documents show that Ostarly dragged the victim outside by her hair and pinned her down and held a gun to her face. He shot at the victim’s head but missed.

The victim was able to escape into the home but Ostarly followed her with a shovel. The victim wrestled Ostalry over the shovel which caused a laceration to her head.

The 9-1-1 operator was reportedly on the other line and heard everything according to court documents.

Judge Burris ordered several of the counts to run consecutively to one another, thereby adding an additional 20 years to an otherwise 20-year sentence.