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COVINGTON, La. (WGNO)- Sadly, the number of violent incidents ranges from theft, suicide, homicide, and drug-related activities.

In an emergency meeting, Councilman Peter Lewis questioned current plans for reacting to violence. He also asked what the time frame is going to be to rid the City of Covington of this type of violence and its relations to alleged gangs.

This meeting comes after back-to-back shootings last week.

Since investigations are still ongoing, certain details could not be discussed but, Councilman Lewis told WGNO that he did ask why the plans of prior meetings have not been put to work.

He’s requesting for enforcement of an 11:00 p.m. curfew for kids under 17 years old. Lewis also asked about police plans and patrols to stop the surge in violence.

At this meeting with Councilman Lewis were District B Councilmember, Council at Large President, Chief of Police, the Covington Mayor, and the Chief Administrative Officer.

Councilman Lewis said in a statement, “…we want swift, immediate, forceful action for the citizens of Covington and this central location of continued violence. I expect to see community policing, police involvement, complete cooperation during an incident,
the investigation, and on to the DA office.”

Councilman Lewis is asking parents to get involved, keep a watchful eye on their children, and asking the community, if you see something, say something.