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LIVONIA, La. (BRPROUD) — Kelly Sanders owns a thrift store in Livonia called In My Attic thrift store.

For ten years, Sanders has collected items for families in need during Christmas and people drop those items off in front of the store throughout the day.

On the day after Thanksgiving, that spirit of giving was tested after someone was caught on camera taking some donated items from the porch of the business.

According to Sanders, these items were taken from outside the thrift shop after closing time:

  • A box full of toys
  • A Christmas tree
  • A box of children shoes
  • A comforter

This security camera footage shows the suspect loading up their vehicle.

The suspect in these videos was given the opportunity by the store owner to return the items and not face charges.

A report was filed with the Livonia Police Department and this is where the Christmas season comes into play.

During this time, the community heard about what happened and stepped up to the plate.

Sanders says everything you can imagine for a kid was donated including stuffed animals, diapers, baby dolls, trucks, and outside toys.

This is what the porch of the thrift shop looked like on Monday morning.

Not only did these donations come in, but the person seen in the video decided to return the items that were taken from the porch.

This happened when the store owner, the suspect, and a member of the Livonia Police Department gathered at the thrift store.

A member of the police department says the suspect in this case also voluntarily donated several other items to the store owner.

No arrests were made, but the accused person is banned from stepping foot on thrift store property, according to the police department.

Sanders is planning to pick a day where parents can come in and toy shop for free before Christmas.

Did you know that there is a state law the covers donations to thrift stores?

The Livonia Police Department had this to say about the law:

There is a large misconception that those items that are donated to thrift stores, and In donation boxes are available for people to take at will. Those items that are donated become the property of the store owner when they are donated. Taking these items without the owner’s consent is Theft.