Carjackings up 62% in New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS – Carjackings are almost a daily occurrence across New Orleans.

According to the latest crime stats, carjackings are up 62% compared to last year.

So far, more than 70 people have been victims of carjackings in New Orleans compared to 45 in all of 2020.

On Monday, surveillance video captured the moment a man stops to move a trashcan from his parking spot when a black Honda CRV speeds up to block him in. The video shows some of the suspects get out when the man being carjacked did the unthinkable.

“He actually jumps in the backseat of their vehicle and says if you’re going to steal mine, I’m going to steal yours,” said a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified. “He grabbed their gun and jumps out.”

Some of the thieves run, but one is seen pointing a gun at the victim.

The victim declined an interview, but told WGNO News he bargained with the suspect. The victim said, “Give me my car back and you’ll get your gun.”

Ultimately, that didn’t happen. The suspects got away with his car and their gun. The suspects also caused significant damage when running.

“They slammed into my truck, my blue Tacoma, slammed into the car they’re stealing which didn’t make any sense. I think it was out of shear adrenalin,” the neighbor said.

According to the city council’s crime dashboard, carjackings are up 62%.

Last week, a Jeep was stolen at a gas station on Carrolton near Washington.

“They told me that there was an SUV parked at the pump behind me and that the person low crawled on the side of the SUV to the side of my car, kind of hiding behind the tires and really being kind of stealthy. That’s how they got inside the car,” the female victim said.

After her car was used in multiple crimes, it was found dumped nearly 24 hours later.

“I was kind of shocked that the car was being used to intimidate and hurt other people. I saw a video of them using the car to hold someone at gunpoint at an intersection and that was heartbreaking to see,” the woman said.

One man had this message for the people terrorizing the city.

“A lot of us carry and you might grab the wrong vehicle and you might end up getting shot and killed. I’d hate…I’d hate to have to shoot somebody, but if I have to, I will.”

Not only are carjackings up, auto thefts are up nearly 20%. This year, more than 900 vehicles have been stolen compared to 784 in 2020.

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