Editor’s note: The audio attached to the video above has been removed due to vulgarity.

LULING, La. (WGNO) — An investigation is underway in St. Charles Parish after a wanted man was arrested, followed by his sister shortly after.

Around 8 p.m. on Monday, deputies with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office were working an unrelated case in the 1300 block of Paul Fredrick Street in Luling when they spotted 26-year-old Keith Anthony Robinson Jr.

Police say Keith Robinson, a convicted felon with a violent history, was wanted with a felony probation warrant.

When deputies tried to arrest Robinson, SCPSO reports he then ran away, ignoring any commands to stop.

It was then that one deputy, Henry Sill, deployed a taser in an effort to subdue Robinson. While the taser was ineffective and Robinson was able to run away, detectives say an assisting officer was able to arrest Robinson.

While deputies were searching the detainee, Robinson’s sister, 30-year-old MaryLee Robinson, reportedly approached the group with a cell phone, recording the incident.

Detectives report that MaryLee Robinson was trying to speak to her brother, but her presence agitated the arrested man. She was then advised to stay in her yard but could keep recording.

However, after police placed Keith Robinson in the backseat of the police unit, MaryLee Robinson reportedly approached deputies, continuing to shout at her brother while still recording.

In a statement from SCPSO, MaryLee Robinson was “again told she could record, but to back away from the investigation, at which time she vocalized that she would not listen to deputies’ orders.”

Deputies tried to arrest MaryLee, who then ran away. A short time later, however, she was found by Sill, who was met with “active resistance.” MaryLee Robinson reportedly refused to follow deputy orders.

It was then that police say Robinson struck Sill in the face, followed by several friends and family members shouting and approaching the deputies.

MaryLee Robinson reportedly continued to agitate and incite her brother and the crowd.

SCPSO reports Sill pushed Robinson to create distance, leading her to fall to the ground.

Sill moved in to arrest MaryLee Robinson, which was when detectives say the woman took a swing at the deputy and kicked him. Sill recalled hearing his taser holster crack after being kicked and realized the taser was no longer on his person.

Robinson was later arrested after a struggle with deputies, continuing to kick the windows and doors of the police unit she was placed in.

MaryLee Robinson, who deputies say also has a history of theft, was booked into the Nelson Coleman Correctional Center, facing the following charges:

  • Interfering with a Law Enforcement Investigation
  • Simple Criminal Damage to Property
  • Battery of a Police Officer (2 Counts)
  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Resisting an Officer with Force or Violence
  • Fugitive charges

An administrative investigation of the incident remains ongoing.

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