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JESUIT BEND, La. (WGNO) — Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser says he is still assessing the damage after his house was broken into in Plaquemines Parish last week.

The break-in happened on Thursday, April 14 when the suspects approached his house on 4-wheelers. Although no one was home at the time, Nungesser did say the burglars were later caught by an exterminator but got away.

Nungesser reports his family was in the process of moving, so a lot of their belongings were packed up in boxes, including China dishes. The burglars reportedly tried to steal the dishes but were unsuccessful.

Several sports collectibles were also stolen or damaged from the house. Nungesser says it appears someone was injured in the break-in as Saints player Ricky Jackson’s jersey was used to wipe up blood. The jersey was left in the garage.

Based on the damage, Nungesser says it appears the burglars smashed through the back door, turned on a stove burner in the kitchen, and tried to burn the house down. The Lieutenant Governor says a “blanket of soot” covered every room in the home.

Images show shattered glassware, ruined sports memorabilia, and fire damage in the family’s kitchen.

Although the home’s surveillance cameras were also stolen during the break-in, Nungesser is working closely with police to investigate the issue. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office.

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