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BATON ROUGE (WGNO) – The Baton Rouge woman who was arrested for whipping her children after they broke into someone’s home has lost her job because of her arrest.

WBRZ reports that Schaquana Spears, the mother of six arrested June 20 for two counts of cruelty to juveniles, has lost her job as a chef at a restaurant. Spears declined to name the restaurant, but said the restaurant told her the charges had to be resolved in her favor for her to return to work.

Spears admitted that she whipped her 10- and 12-year-old sons with RCA cables after she found out they broke into someone’s house.

The boys had cuts and visible bruises.

According to WBRZ, her older three children have been taken away from her.

She said she’s continuing to fight the charges and hopes her catering business will pick up as she looks for other work.

The district attorney in Baton Rouge said he is reviewing the case to determine whether he will pursue the charges.