NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — New Orleans Public School leaders are accused of not following the law when it comes to stopping student violence. Parents and activists are protesting what’s been happening at a charter school — Akili Academy in the 9th Ward.

In the last week, a student was accused of tasing two others while on a school bus. Days before that, another student and her mother were arrested after a video shows the child allegedly waving a gun at a school bus.

While advocates say that the video is jarring, there are clear underlying issues.

“The behavior that we see happening in our communities is abnormal, it’s unhealthy, it points directly to behavioral health issues,” said Aretha Lewis. She’s a member of Erase the Board.

According to Nola Public School’s website, 60% of children in Crescent City suffer from PTSD.

“We’re all in trauma and what people in trauma need, young and old, are predictability, routines and structures that make them feel safe and that’s what we don’t have in too many of these charter schools,” said Ann Marie Coviello, a decades-long teacher.

Advocates claim if schools would follow the law, the number of children experiencing trauma could be lower.

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“If you look at the positive behavior supports, mediation, restorative justice, cultural competency, that is part of Louisiana education law,” Ashana Bigard explained. She’s a member of Erase the Board.

Nola Public Schools has released a statement urging parents to get involved by providing feedback on how they can reduce violence. You can do that by clicking HERE.